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Why do you need an Inventory?

A Landlord’s property is important to them. They invest time and money into their property and tenants should respect that.

Without an inventory it is difficult to prove the original condition of the property prior to start of tenancy and there may not be sufficient evidence to back any claim of damage caused by the tenants. Therefore the need for a detailed inventory is important and will help protect the Landlord and their property for any future disputes.

Common damage by tenants can include excessive marks/dents/holes to walls, iron and cigarette burns to carpets, knife marks to kitchen worktops, cracked window panes and stolen items, to name but a few….

Whether it’s furnished or unfurnished, all room components are still vulnerable. Occasionally, tenants moving their own furniture can cause damage to walls and floors so the need for an Inventory describing its original condition is important.

The Landlord may feel like they have spent enough money on the property already, but how much would it cost to replace a carpet, a door, a window or the cost to re-decorate? focus on the detail and record every surface of your property from ceilings to floors, door handles to plug sockets, garages to gardens and incorporate photographs of the entire property within each Inventory